Owner/operator John Nickson started the business with his dad Jack Nickson over a quarter of a century ago. From modest beginnings in Pawtuxet Village, to the sprawling 17,000 square foot facility he operates today in East Providence, John has built a printing institution that area businesses have come to know and trust.

They say timing is everything and in the printing industry it's certainly a critical factor. If you've ever maneuvered a document successfully through internal design and approval hurdles only to see it tied up on press, you know what we mean. Miss a deadline by hours and you could set your print date back weeks. Not so at OmniColor.

We offer a degree of flexibility our competitors cannot. Just ask our clients, many of whom have been with us since day one for that very reason. The fact is, rush jobs are–and always will be–the nature of our business. You know that and we know that. We do everything we can to make our press schedule accommodate your deadline.