• Electrically charged. It does NOT rely on adhesives. So it doesn’t leave a reidue, and is very easy to apply.
        • Versatile, clingong to most clean dry surfaces-glass, wood, metal, drywall, brick, plastic, etc. ClingZ glides over any surfaces, making installation, positioning and removal a snap.
        • Easy to write on with dry erase, permanent or washable markers.

        • Able to cling on the printed or unprinted side. It will cling for months on most interior surfaces.
        • Available in white or clear stock, in several sheet sizes.


    • Automobile
    • Food & Beverage Manufacturer & Distributor
    • Restaurant & Fast Food Chain
    • Gaming
    • Pharmaceutical


      • White Caliper 2.5 Mil
      • Clear Caliper 2 Mil
      • Adheres on Both Sides
      • Indoor Use Only
      • Withstands Sunlight/Cold Temperatures
      • ClingZ Prints One Side only (on clear you can see from both sides)
      • Printable Backer Material
      • Environmentally Friendly & Child safe

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